Sabine McKenna of cccSkerries can help you with website design and management, Facebook pages, Eventbrite events, hosting Zoom webinars, managing YouTube channels, setting up contact forms and more.

Here are two examples of her online work:

Skerries Community Association website (redesign 2013-16, pro bono) (design and organisation, also management of their Eventbrite and YouTube presence)

Typical jobs and what they would cost

Turnaround is normally ten working days. Here are some general examples, contact for more information!

  • Website with Home, About, Contact, Blog Post area and two other pages of your choice: €750
  • Website Maintenance: Monthly update of information, quarterly website review: €1,000 including setting up the website in the first year, €400 / year afterwards.
  • Setting up and basic management of online forms such as enrolment forms: €50 – €400 depending on what is required
  • Hosting Zoom calls / webinars: Costs depend on the length, number of participants etc. Please send your details to
  • Setting up of a Facebook Page: €200
  • Management of a Facebook Page: Between €400 and €1,200 p.a., depending on required amount and type of posts and interaction.