A few tips for your Zoom session!

How to switch between Zoom and Google Chrome or Minecraft

  • Hold the alt key (to the left of the space bar). Keep holding it!
  • Repeatedly press the tab key (above the caps lock key, on the left) until you select where you want to go. (You’re still holding alt!)
  • Now release alt. You should be where you were going to go.
You can change the setting to full screen.
When someone is sharing their screen, you can adjust how you see the gallery and the shared screen.
Side-by-side: Gallery works best.
Drag this small line, known as “drag handle,” to the left or right to change the size of the shared screen.
You can also share your own screen.
After clicking on the arrow in the green box, a window like this will pop up. First click on Screen, then on Share.
You can also chat – that is: exchange written messages with the host or everyone.
When you are not in full screen, some options are hidden under “More…”