One of Fingal Libraries’ contributions to Code Week 2020!

Here’s your welcome video from me, Sabine McKenna of creative computing classes Skerries. The videos that show you what to do are at the bottom of this page!

Welcome! Here’s a quick overview.

There will be two Zoom Calls today:

11 am until 12 noon:
Group Zoom call for help and / or inspiration!

The link for both Zoom calls is the same:

If you haven’t got Zoom on your device yet, you will be asked to download it before you can open it and join the meeting. Do test the link beforehand – it will allow you to check the microphone and camera settings. Send me an email if you are having difficulties! (

Throughout the day, until 3 pm, I, Sabine, will be at my computer to answer emails and give support. Just send me an email to – please share your project and add the URL to it in the email!

See below how to get the link into an email.

4 pm: Final zoom call showcasing your work (and last chance for asking any questions directly)

Here’s the link again, just in case:

These videos show you what to do!

How to get into Scratch, and how to make the Scratch Cat follow the mouse pointer!

Who will be looking for food in your project? In this video, you learn how to select a sprite.

Now it’s time to add a second sprite – the food!

Let’s add some finishing touches.

Your own project should be as different as possible from mine!

Pick different sprites.

Make them say different things.

See can you actually change the graphics.

The more you explore, the more you’ll learn!

Remember to share your project so I can see it, and to send me the link (see the picture for where to find the link).

And to mail me the link, go to the email you are sending to me, then right-click and choose “paste”… my address is, and I’ll answer any email with Scratch questions that reaches me until the end of the weekend (Sunday 11 October 2020) before the end of next week.

Here’s my own project!

And here is my final video. Hope you enjoyed them all and found them useful!