Please start on this page at each online session!

Always check this page for any updates!

Have this page open and keep it open and scroll down to the blue box with all Zoom links; locate the right group & Zoom link, click on it, and hey voilà you’re in the waiting room and will be let in soon!

How to switch between Zoom and Google Chrome or Minecraft

  • Hold the alt key (to the left of the space bar). Keep holding it!
  • Press the tab key (above the caps lock key, on the left) until you select where you want to go. (You’re still holding alt!)
  • Now release alt. You should be where you were going to go.

The link to the after-session-survey:

All Zoom Links!

Check below for the last session before the summer for each group! This week’s motto 🌞 Ready for summer! 🌞

  • Keyboard Skills: Last session was on 24 May.
  • Wizards: Last session was on 18 May.
  • Zoom Link for C06 Wed 3 to 4.30 p.m.: Introduction to Scratch Coding. Last session before the summer: 2 June.
  • Zoom Link for C07 Wed 5 to 6.30 p.m.: Python Study Group. Last session before the summer: 2 June.
  • Minecraft Junior: Last session was on 27 May.
  • Minecraft Senior: Last session was on 27 May.

The meeting will be online from five minutes before the class starts, and it’s best to be on time as the most important and fun stuff often happens in the first few minutes!

The link to the after-class-survey:

Guidelines for cccSkerries online students

In order for all of us to get most out of our online sessions, it is very important that everyone plays their part. This can be a fantastic learning experience! These rules are to help everyone learn and enjoy the classes fully.

  1. Find a quiet place for the online class, in a place where the WiFi connection is good, and where you can sit properly and comfortably.
  2. Eat, drink, go to the bathroom before the class! 😎 Please do not eat or drink during the classes.
  3. Be online and in the meeting two to five minutes before start time. Please do not be late.
  4. Do not bring anything with you to the class – no pets, toys, siblings, or anything else.
  5. Always do your best, and help make each session as good as it can be.
    #BC-PET = Best Class Possible, Every Time!
  6. Listen carefully and respectfully to every speaker.
  7. Follow directions.
  8. Use chat and camera for learning. You can chat a bit freely at the end of the session, after Sabine says it’s time for free chat.
  9. Stay on camera during all of the session.
  10. Don’t forget the survey at the end!
  11. Wait until Sabine says “See you next time!” before logging off.

These rules apply to breakout rooms, too. Breakout rooms allow you to work with one or two others. Sabine can ‘come’ into one of the rooms at any time, and regularly listens in on what is going on in them. Should anything happen in a breakout room that you are not happy with, please ask Sabine for help via Zoom, or if you prefer, leave the room immediately and return to the main session. Make sure to let Sabine know what exactly was happening.

If parents happen to see something they are not happy with, they should not talk directly to the other child in question, but get their own son / daughter to contact Sabine via Zoom or, if it is not urgent, they can contact Sabine via email or WhatsApp.

If the guidelines outlined above are broken, there will be consequences.


1st consequence: A verbal warning
2nd consequence: Placed in waiting room for 5 min
3rd consequence: Placed in waiting room for 10 min. Parents notified

Online cooperation – an important skill

Being able to interact and work together online is a skill that needs to be developed. It is great to see how well the participants of the cccSkerries online classes have developed this skill since we went online in 2020. As in normal classrooms, there will always be different ideas and approaches, and sometimes conflicts. The important thing is not to avoid all such situations, but to learn how to deal with them in a spirit of cooperation and learning.

When joining the meeting

When you click on the Zoom link for the first time and do not yet have Zoom installed, you will be asked to download and install it.

Once you do have Zoom on your computer and click on the meeting link, you will simply be asked to allow the Zoom app to be opened.

Some information for the weekly classes

Typing / Keyboard Classes: is where you need to go!

Participants should know their login. Please ask them to log in once before the class and send me a quick email if there are any difficulties.
There is no need to have a blank keyboard – luckily, we’ve had more than twenty sessions in my classroom, so that participants are well used to not looking at their fingers while typing. A bit of self discipline will be needed, of course – but thanks to Zoom, I’ll be able to see them and to check that they are looking at the screen, not at the keyboard. It’s all about using the correct fingers at all times. Making mistakes is fine. Speed should not be a priority until they can reach 99% accuracy during lessons.

Introduction to Scratch Coding😸Class as normal this week.

All the work will take place on if there are any difficulties, let me know and I’ll help.

The Combined Wizard Class

Sometimes we start with typing, sometimes with something else… but do please have open and sign in before class starts!

Also do open your Google Classroom area. Just go to and have it open at the beginning as well.

Here is the class link for our new (combined) class:

Each participant should know how to log into their Tinkercad account. Nickname: Your name.

And here are the links for our old classes, so you can access your old stuff. The “nicknames” there are the same as your usernames (not passwords), and your login URL is:

The Minecraft Clubs ✅

So this is what you need to do for the Minecraft Clubs:

  1. If you haven’t got this already: Purchase Minecraft Java Edition and create a user name.
  2. Have Minecraft Java Edition downloaded on the laptop, and be logged in with that user name (the email and the password you used when creating the username are needed here, and when you open it the first time, probably also the three special questions you set up).
  3. Go to Multiplayer and add the server (details how to do this are on

A little more about purchasing Minecraft

Yes, Java Edition does run on Windows 10. should be the best link. You will need to set up an account with (take good note of the answers to their security questions! You may know now who your best friend is, but that might change in a year or so…) Minecraft costs €23.95. Worth it, if you ask me.  You make up a user name like AwesomePineapple or Stripey2020 (don’t use the child’s actual name) as you set up your account, too. For log in, the email address and password are needed (for the participant, not for me). I will send the server details before Wednesday’s first Minecraft session, and we’ll take it from there.

Siblings in Minecraft clubs

We have a set of brothers in both the Wednesday and the Thursday Minecraft Club. My suggestion: They share an account. On Wednesdays, one of them plays (the other can watch and give advice), and on Thursdays, the other. Parents, please let me know if that suits!

The Python Group

All that is needed for these groups is to install Python on the computer (and Zoom and Chrome / a browser, of course). Just follow the download link. That’s all!

The day’s exercise can be found on

Other FAQs for cccSkerries online

What if my child cannot manage the online classes?

Zoom is pretty user friendly, and once the connection is established, I can talk to the participants and also send them messages. It will be a learning curve for everyone, but should not be a lot more tricky than the classes in the cccSkerries training room. That said, it would be great if an adult could be in the background for the first lesson, just to be sure.

Will the laptop video work?

Best to check before the day! Use one of the meeting links (the meetings won’t be open yet) and click on “test audio and video” – more details on video issues in this article on the Zoom help page.

The laptop video camera  isn’t working with Zoom.

Normally, video is important so that I can see how the participants are reacting to what I’m teaching. However, it’s better to participate with just audio if there is no video than not to participate at all.

Maybe the video issue can be solved! There are three possible reasons for this problem…

  1. Video is not activated. Check video is “on” [bottom left-hand corner of the Zoom participant’s screen, camera icon: If there is a red line through it, click on it to start video]
  2. Zoom is not connecting to the camera properly due to some setting issue. Click on the little up arrow next to the camera icon: Make sure that you have selected the correct video source!
  3. After checking for 1 and 2, the video is still not working. There is a handy troubleshooting list here: