Let’s create our own graphics!

The Graphics Editor Part 1: Backdrops

Scratch Graphics are great fun – but they do need a bit of getting used to. Watch all videos and work through the examples. Maybe you’ll just try things out in a project that won’t be your Night and Day project for this week’s studio!

Learn about the graphics editor and create your own backdrops.

The Graphics Editor Part 2: Sprites

Now create your own sprites! And learn about more graphics tools in Scratch.

How to turn your daytime backdrop into a nighttime one

Create night time graphics. Coding will be added in the next video!

A bit of coding

Add code to your project! And that’s it.

And here are the videos for weeks 1 and 2!

In case you’d like to remind yourself of what we did before. 🙄😸

This week, you will take a sprite on a tour of different places… in search of their dream garden.

If you want to see my project on Scratch, just click here!