Please check your email (including the spam folder) for the Zoom link for today’s two calls (11 am and 4 pm)!

And watch the videos… then zoom in for 11 and 4.

Watch this first! The rest will make a lot more sense then… 🌼

Important tip: Change the quality of the YouTube videos to as high as possible, and you’ll be able to see the coding clearly.

Video 1: Sprite follows pointer and says hello!

Get ready to do your first bit of coding.

Video 2: Let’s add a second sprite… and send it a message!

Video 3: Let’s make it a choice between two options.

Video 4: Add a score! And two more rounds

Video 5: Bells and whistles

My own Scratch projects for this course…

Click on the Scratch logo to open them in Scratch, or watch it here on this page.

This one is the basic project, ready for your creativity after you have worked along with the videos to create something very much like it.

And this one has some of the bells and whistles mentioned in the last video.

A summary of what you should create this week

The theme this week is: Putting it all together!

Use as much as you can from the things covered during this course and create your biggest, boldest, bestest project yet.

And most importantly: Have fun!

One extra video that might be helpful:

Scratch Studios & Following Other Users

Finally… your feedback please!

Thank you for joining us for this day of coding.