So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehn, goodbye…

What a super time we had over the five weeks! Here are some screenshots – this time different, because my son, Ciarán, took them, and he has enhanced his Minecraft optics a good bit. Enjoy! You can click into any of them to see them in large. Oh the memories…

A view back on Week 4

The community is prospering. We had our town early on, but now we have a railway system, a number of underground tunnels, and a ring road. A hospital, a small and a large swimming pool (with showers, life guard post, sun chairs and spring boards). And we went exploring for different biomes!

Week 3 pictures. What a week!

Lots of trading going on, with a general store, a log store for wood, cafés, pizza places and so on. There is a rail network – cacti work as leap cards. Yep, that works.
We had a brick building challenge at the lake, Two monster-kill challenges saw people really improve their fighting skills.
Some people built super houses (BiAmiLu), pits (Mowshry), underground tunnels (Mowing82). Many helped when cwearen suggested building a pool together.
And then there was a pool party to finish off the third week on our server.
See you all Monday! Two more weeks!

Week 2 draws to a close: Day 5, Friday. Look at how beautiful our town is after 10 days online!

Week 2, Day 4 (Thursday): An expedition. Horses and bees. Farms. Rollercoasters. And more trading!