1. Chat and Commands in the server
  2. How to create your own skin
  3. How to join the Wednesday and Thursday server

1. Chat and Commands in the cccSkerries Minecraft Server

To “chat” in-game, press the key t then type in your text. Send it with Enter. Everyone sees these.
To send a message to one person only, type in forward slash msg then hit tab until you see the player name you want; follow that with your message. Only the other player sees the message. /msg cccSkerries Can you come to me please?

/sethome set your home
/home get to your home from anywhere immediately
/back go back to where you were before teleporting home or elsewhere
/tpa SabineMines ask to tp to SabineMines (or put in other player name)
/warps list all warps on the server (only Sabine can set warps, ask her if you want one)
/warp spawn warp to spawn [or put in the name of another warp, like /warp cave sends you to the cave]

Using the Tab key instead of typing in playernames


A very useful key is the Tab key. It’s the one above Caps Lock, on the very left of your keyboard. When you hold it (while NOT in chat), you can see who is also on the server.
When in chat, start the user name of another player, then hit tab, and it will auto complete! Extremely useful, and it also works when you do /msg [tab] or /tpa [tab].
You can also just type in
(don’t forget the space after /msg!)
and then hit Tab repeatedly until you see the player you want to send a private message to!

But I keep running around in circles…

To help you with that, hit F3 on your keyboard. It’s on the top row. (For some laptops, you need to hold the Fn key at the bottom of your keyboard and then press F3.) That opens the debug screen – if you want to understand all the stuff it tells you, look it up on the official Minecraft wiki page for the debug screen!
The crosshair in the middle of your screen changes from a white plus to three differently coloured lines, showing the direction in which you move. You can pick one, e.g. blue, and just keep walking in that direction. That’s one way of not running around in circles by accident!

3. How to create your own skin

Create your own skin!  https://www.minecraftskins.com/skin-editor/

Make sure to deselect Outer Layer, so that it looks like this:

Now it’s time to create your skin!
When finished, click Download.

Then you need to upload it to your Minecraft account.Only you can do that, as you need your Minecraft account details.Go to minecraft.net  and sign in and go to Skins.

Then click on Upload, find your skin in your computer’s Downloads folder, and the next time you play Minecraft, you should have your new skin.

4. Joining the cccSkerries Minecraft Server

Please note: We will start the class in Zoom! So go to cccSkerries.com/zoom for the class link, and join the class from there. Still no harm to have Minecraft up and running already as well.

Start Minecraft on your Computer. (There should be an icon on the desktop.)
Then follow the following steps:

Click on Add Server
The server address is new!
Give the server a name if you like (cccSkerries Club maybe).
Type in exactly this for the Server Address:
This is the server for both the Wednesday and the Thursday club.
Click on this server to select it. 0/80 means that 0 out of a possible 80 players are online.
Once you have selected the server, Join Server becomes available. Click it!

That’s it! You should now be able to join the world for the Wednesday or the Thursday club – if you are whitelisted. If you are not whitelisted, please send a quick email to Sabine with the exact user name, and you will be whitelisted.

Can I come online both Wednesday and Thursday?

Nope. The server is only open to you during your own club time.