Getting to the End in Minecraft

1. Go to the Nether, kill Blazes from a Spawner ideally (snowballs work best).
Get 6 blaze sticks.
2. Kill enough Endermen to get 12 Enderpearls
Now you have what you need to make the Eye of Ender.
3. Find the end portal. Throw an Eye of Ender in the air; they will travel towards the portal; follow them. If thrown Eye doesn’t go anywhere, dig down.
4. Find the End Portal and place the 12 eyes of ender into it.
Now you can enter the End and fight the Enderdragon:
1. Climb the tall towers to destroy the pinkish blocks on top that regenerate the dragon’s health.
2. Make your way to the middle where you can fight the dragon when he lands.
Use an enchanted bow & arrows to fight the dragon. (or beds?)