Movecraft Basics


  1. Find a spot that is on dirt or grass that is not near any trees or water.
    Place a redstone block on the ground. (This represents the ships engines)
  2. Place any color of wool blocks in a square around the redstone block.
    You will need 8 wool blocks to complete the square around the redstone block.
  3. Place a sign on top of one of the wool blocks.
    The first line of the sign must say only “Airskiff” (without quotes).
    The other lines can say anything you want. It is customary to name the craft, so you may add a name to the sign after the first line. See this example:

Timey Wimey Wobbler

  1. With a stick in your hands, right click on the sign you created.
    You should get a message saying “Successfully piloted craft!”.
  2. Now right click with the stick still in your hands in the direction you want the craft to go.
    You should be able to move in any direction as long as you are not blocked.
  3. Now play around with the more advanced features.
    Maybe add a sign that says [helm] and right click it to turn it into a control wheel.
    Left and right click that sign to turn the ship.
  4. Have fun!