Welcome to week 3: The Food Chase

This week, we’ll be doing a bit more coding.

Time for a mini mini game!

Learn how to make the sprite chase some food!
See how it will follow your mouse!

  • Watch the video above for an introduction to this week’s theme.
  • See below for a summary of what you should create this week! 🍩🍓🦋

Once again, you might want to work along, pausing the video when you think you’re ready to try yourself.
Open up a new tab in your browser for Scratch (there’s a video here which shows you how to do that), and try out what you have just seen!

My own Scratch projects are also on this page – scroll down a bit and you’ll see it.

Video 1: Make the cat follow the cursor.

You can of course use any other sprite, too! It does not have to be the 🐈.

Video 2: Make food pop up – and disappear again!

Video 3: Finishing touches – more sprites, and sounds?!

Video 4: A serious challenge! The caterpillar project

My own Scratch projects

This is for everyone:

Click on the Scratch logo to open it in Scratch, or watch it here on this page.

I hope yours will be very different!

The Challenge Project: Caterpillar

A summary of what you should create this week 🍩🍓🦋

The theme this week is: A food chase!

Create a new project. All the information is in the videos!

Your project should have:

  • One sprite that follows the mouse all the time.
  • One sprite that is “eaten” by the first one.
  • A third sprite, a different food that pops up when the first one is “gone.”
  • A few backdrops.

And then there is the challenge project: After you have created the first project, make another one which is a bit like the extra project (see video 4 with the caterpillar). Make it your own! Use your own graphics and ideas! You don’t have to do the extra challenge. But it would be fun if you did!

Two videos that might be helpful:

How to get most out of this page

A bit about the videos, how to open a new tab so you can easily go to Scratch and back again, and tips how to fill in the form at the bottom (hint: Best done at least once every week!)

Scratch Studios & Following Other Users

Week 4 starts next Saturday. See you here, I hope!

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And if the form does not work for you, send me an email to info@cccSkerries.com

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