Just like you did last week: Watch the videos, create your own project, send it to me using the form at the bottom… 🌲 that’s the short version!

This week’s theme is Day and Night. You’ll be learning about the Scratch Graphics Editor.

It’s time to get seriously creative with the Scratch Graphics Editor!

Using the sprites and backdrops from the library is fine.
But you can do so much more if you know how to create your graphics!

  • Watch the video above for an introduction to this week’s theme.
  • See below for a summary of what you should create this week! 🌞🌆

This week, it’s probably best if you work along the video. Start watching the one about backdrops, then pause it.
Open up a new tab in your browser for Scratch (there’s a video here which shows you how to do that), and try out what you have just seen!

My own Scratch project is also on this page – scroll down a bit and you’ll see it.

The Graphics Editor Part 1: Backdrops

Learn about the graphics editor and create your own backdrops.

Scratch Graphics are great fun – but they do need a bit of getting used to. Watch all videos and work through the examples. Maybe you’ll just try things out in a project that won’t be your Night and Day project for this week’s studio!

The Graphics Editor Part 2: Sprites

Now create your own sprites! And learn about more graphics tools in Scratch.

How to turn your daytime backdrop into a nighttime one

Create night time graphics. Coding will be added in the next video!

A bit of coding

Add code to your project! And that’s it.

My own Scratch project

Click on the Scratchlogo to open it in Scratch, or watch it here on this page.

I hope yours will be very different! I love seeing the same theme (day and night) in really, really different projects. What will you create? A garden? A room? Maybe an island in the sun, and then in the dark? Something cheerful? Something spooky? Only time will tell!

A summary of what you should create for week 2 🌞🌆

The theme this week is: Day and Night.

So… create a new project. All the information is in the videos!

  • Two different backdrops (one for day, one for night – see videos 1 and 3) – they should be your own drawings.
  • One or more sprites (see video 2) – again, you should create them yourself.
  • Code the scene to start in day and then go to night. How exactly you do that, is up to you – but do use green flag. You can see an example in video 4.
  • Watch the videos! Without watching them, you will not know what to do.
  • Don’t forget to use the form at the very bottom of this page to share your own work with me! If I get it by the end of Tuesday, I can mention it in next week’s video.