Welcome to week 1!

Let’s get started! Watch the videos, create your own project, send it to me using the form at the bottom… 🌲 that’s the short version!

This week, you will take a sprite on a tour of different places… in search of their dream garden.

Watch the videos, look at my sample project on Scratch.

Create your own project – and share it on Scratch.

Then use the form at the very bottom of this page to share any comments and questions… and most importantly, your own work with me!

If I get it by the end of Tuesday, I can put it into next week’s video.

Week 2 starts next Saturday. See you here, I hope!

Sabine, creative computing classes Skerries

And if the form does not work for you, send me an email to info@cccSkerries.com

If you want to see my project on Scratch, just click here!

This week’s Next Level Challenge:

Over to you.

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