Welcome to your Scratch Workshop for Engineers Week 2021

Make sure to watch the welcome video! The others make a lot more sense then…

Now watch as many of the other videos before our Zoom Call

If you have secured a space, you should have received an email with the zoom link on Friday evening.

💥 Please send an email to sabine@cccSkerrieskerries.com if you didn’t receive it but did sign up. Information about how to get Zoom up and running is at the bottom of this page!

Looking forward to meeting you on Sat 27 February at 11 a.m.! Sabine

And here are the videos!

💥 Pro tip: Click on a video to start it playing, then find the Settings and change the quality setting to as high as possible. That way, you’ll be able to read what it says on the blocks! See how in the screen shot below:

Video 1: First steps, and: Making the arrow follow your mouse.

Video 2: Launching the Arrow

Video 3: Adding the Frog

Video 4: Tidying up the Arrow

Video 5: How to Find Your Stuff

Video 6 Again and Again

Video 7 Next Level

Video 8 Nope try again

Video 9 Challenge Over to You

And here is my version of the game!

Play it here! You can even see the coding if you follow this link and then click on “See inside” – but it will make a lot more sense to you if you watch the videos and work along with them!

Remember to “zoom in” just before 11 on Saturday!

The link is in the second email. Let me know by email to Sabine@cccSkerries.com if you didn’t get it! And do check the spam folder…

To get Zoom up and running:

  • Click on the zoom link that you were sent by email. Important: Send an email to Sabine@cccSkerries.com if you did not receive the email, but are signed up (and not on the waiting list)! Have Zoom open by about 10.55 a.m. please.
  • Make sure your camera and mic work! We do want to see each other.

You can test the link at any time before the meeting. It will ask you to wait for the host to open the meeting – you can however already click on “Test Computer Audio” which will allow you to test the audio and video settings for your Zoom client. If you get any other response when trying to test the link, please contact Sabine@cccSkerries.com by email immediately, so that she can hopefully help you to sort this out!

One the day, you will first be in a Waiting Room, from where our Sabine will admit you to the event. This may take a few minutes, please be patient, and try to be there a few minutes early if at all possible!


All you need is access to a computer and the internet, plus a parent to help you set up your free Scratch account and to assist you if necessary – and you’re good to go. The parent should also be there when you attend the Zoom calls!

This free workshop is offered to you by Fingal Libraries.

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What is Scratch?

Scratch is a free programming language and online community where you can create your own interactive stories, games, and animations. Coding is made easy through drag-and-drop code blocks, and the graphics editor allows you to create your own characters or landscapes or…. food stories / games! 🍩🍏🍎🎂🍥🥧🍰🥗

Scratch is a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. See scratch.mit.edu for details and to sign up for a free account.

Get ready for the course by creating a user account on Scratch!

This should be done together by parent and child.

1.    Go to scratch.mit.edu, join Scratch and pick a user name

Click on “Join Scratch” in the top right-hand corner, just beside the “sign in” and enter your preferred username in the pop-up box.

Using your actual name is not a great idea, for online safety reasons. So be creative… what would you like to be known as? Remember that this username will stay with you!

A lot of popular ones are already gone, and you may need to try a few before there is one that works.

Combine your first choice with, say, a type of fruit, and it might work!

Scratcherooni? No luck.

Scratcheroonibanana? Yours if you want it!

As I was writing this, BananaSuperman was already gone, but BananaSupermanBanana was still up for grabs.

So having a list of possible combinations ready is a good idea!

Next choose a password. No complicated rules, thankfully – it has to be six characters or more, that’s all.

2.    Enter your details.

Age, gender and country are asked for statistical reasons.

An email address is also required – for verification purposes (Scratch is a very safe online community, so the folks at Scratch need to make sure that each member can be traced back to an email account), and also for account recovery, should a password be forgotten.

3.    Confirm your email address

The parent should now hop over to their email account to open the email from Scratch and to click on “Confirm my email address.” You can confirm more than one Scratch account from one email address – handy if you’re using your email address for yourself and for your son / daughter.