Get creative during Engineers Week 2021

Learn how to code an arrow-throwing mini game, in two sessions!

Learn the beginnings of computer coding in this two-session Intro to Scratch workshop and engineer a Mini Game!

*blended online workshop with instructional videos and two live Zoom sessions*

Get an introduction into the free online drag-and-drop programming platform Scratch and learn how to bring your ideas to life with code, using concepts like wait until,  if-then/else and forever.

Sat 27 Feb: Instructional videos available from 8 am
Sat 27 Feb: Zoom Session 11 am – 12 noon (please watch the videos before the session)
You then have a week to work on your projects. Email support available!
Sat 6 March: Final Zoom Session 11 am – 12 noon. Show off your projects, share tips & tricks, get ideas for future projects.

No previous experience with Scratch required! Aimed at those in 4th, 5th, or 6th class and a parent (especially for the Zoom calls), this workshop will be run by Sabine McKenna of creative computing classes Skerries.

Register now here!

When? Sat 27 Feb and Sat 6 March 2021 (Engineering Week)

Where? Online, starting here!

What? A self-guided mini course that will introduce you and your son / daughter to Scratch Coding.

How? Following four short videos and dropping in for two Zoom calls

Hello there, young future Scratcher! Are you in fourth, fifth, or sixth class? Would you like to try your hand at creating your own mini game, thinking like an engineer? (That means: Figuring out how to do something, such as shoot an arrow to feed a frog. In our example.) Do you have time on Saturday, 27 February and Saturday, 6 March? Then join Sabine McKenna of creative computing classes Skerries for this one-day online workshop!

Work on your own from 8 am on the first Saturday. Attend the live Zoom calls on two consecutive Saturdays. Get creative!

Email support throughout the week from Sabine – all emails answered if they reach me by 3 p.m. on Friday 5 March.


All you need is access to a computer and the internet, plus a parent to help you set up your free Scratch account and to assist you if necessary – and you’re good to go. The parent should also be there when you attend the Zoom calls!

This free workshop is offered to you by Fingal Libraries.

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So what next?

Sign up for Scratch (see below) and then fill in this form to register!

What is Scratch?

Scratch is a free programming language and online community where you can create your own interactive stories, games, and animations. Coding is made easy through drag-and-drop code blocks, and the graphics editor allows you to create your own characters or landscapes or…. food stories / games! 🍩🍏🍎🎂🍥🥧🍰🥗

Scratch is a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. See for details and to sign up for a free account.

Already have an account for Scratch? Register now here!

Get ready for the course by creating a user account on Scratch!

This should be done together by parent and child.

1.    Go to, join Scratch and pick a user name

Click on “Join Scratch” in the top right-hand corner, just beside the “sign in” and enter your preferred username in the pop-up box.

Using your actual name is not a great idea, for online safety reasons. So be creative… what would you like to be known as? Remember that this username will stay with you!

A lot of popular ones are already gone, and you may need to try a few before there is one that works.

Combine your first choice with, say, a type of fruit, and it might work!

Scratcherooni? No luck.

Scratcheroonibanana? Yours if you want it!

As I was writing this, BananaSuperman was already gone, but BananaSupermanBanana was still up for grabs.

So having a list of possible combinations ready is a good idea!

Next choose a password. No complicated rules, thankfully – it has to be six characters or more, that’s all.

2.    Enter your details.

Age, gender and country are asked for statistical reasons.

An email address is also required – for verification purposes (Scratch is a very safe online community, so the folks at Scratch need to make sure that each member can be traced back to an email account), and also for account recovery, should a password be forgotten.

3.    Confirm your email address

The parent should now hop over to their email account to open the email from Scratch and to click on “Confirm my email address.” You can confirm more than one Scratch account from one email address – handy if you’re using your email address for yourself and for your son / daughter.