Introduction to Computers and the Internet 2022

Week 4: Time to practice!

  1. Try to book a Ryanair flight. Careful, do NOT enter your credit card details unless you actually want to book a flight. Please do not do that in class.
  2. Find the Fingal Libraries page.
  3. If you have your PIN and your library card, you can use the Libby App on your phone or on your computer.

Google Drive and Google Docs

Google Slides works very similar to Google Docs, just for presentations instead of texts.

Your challenge: Create a presentation and copy (right-click, then select copy) and paste (right-click, then select paste) some images into it. New slide: Ctrl + N.

If you’d like to take screenshots, look at this article from Wired to learn how to! It depends on the device you’re using…

Weekly Survey:

Please follow this link and answer the questions. I will use your answers for planning next week – and the “cheat sheet” I promised!