The Python Fundamental Badge:

Code the Guessing Game with full comments.

Ask the user for a number between 1 and 5. Check that number against one randomly chosen by the code. If the user gets the correct number within three guesses, they win – if not, they lose.

The code must be fully commented (i.e. you must explain the entire code).

Python Fundamental Badge Roll of Honour:

  • Seán T., Intro to Python (Thursdays), May 2020.
  • Noah M., Intro to Python (Thursdays), May 2020.
  • Alexander M., Intro to Python (Thursdays), May 2020.
  • Ultan G., Intro to Python (Thursdays), May 2020.

Intermediate Badge

Code the Hangman game with the challenge that allows words to have more than one instance of the same letter (with a bit of help from Sabine for that one).


Connect the Guessing game or the Hangman game to Tkinter so it can be played fully by buttons without the user having to be in the shell at all.